Need some CrossFit Workout (WOD) Inspo? You’re in luck.

Wanna know what knee sleeves not to buy? You’re in the right place.

Trying to understand what all the hype’s about in various fitness circles? Look no further.

Fitness with friends is fun

The thought of keeping fit has been around a long time. A very long time. Think Greek marathon running Olympians, or Roman Gladiators. Suffice it to say then, with all that time – coupled with the scientific and information revolution – there’s a lot of info and opin-io out there!

I was in the anti-gym category approximately 12 years ago. Making electronic music was my vibe in my mid 20’s. Surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding were (and still are) my sports. Pre-conceptions of the gym for me was that it was essentially a vanity project. Sadly, for many people it is. This preconception wasn’t vanquished until I tried the relatively new “Sport of Fitness” – CrossFit in 2010. I joined instantly.

Some of the things I love about CrossFit is the lack of mirrors; the oftentimes spit and sawdust approach; the all-walks-of-life community it exudes.

You see the zeitgeist repeatedly in CrossFit Gyms (or Boxes) from South East Asia, Canada, the USA to Italy. I’ve been lucky enough to visit over 70+ CrossFit Boxes in the UK, North America, Europe and Asia.

All of them have a common goal, with its own unique seasoning and flavour. Everywhere in the world my wife and I go (and now little girl Ophelia), we do a local CrossFit “Drop In”.

I noticed how difficult it was to obtain sensible answers to CrossFit and other fitness related queries. All of us love a useful hack. Not in the sense of short cut, but the word hack nowadays has a much broader meaning. Google (AKA The Oracle) is often asked things like “Why is CrossFit bad for you?” with silly, and often unsubstantiated answers found on Reddit.

This blog is a safe haven of useful information.

It will expose the good, the bad and the ugly of CrossFit. Compare it to its comparative exercise regimes.

Otherwise it wouldn’t be useful, would it?

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